uPhase+ iTunes link

Current uPhase+ version : 1.1.0

Current uPhase Client version : 1.0.1

uPhase v1.1.0 is live!  Adds recording, AudioCopy, pan, and an extra display in Solo Mode. Details here.


An iPad app by Gregorio Zanon

Graphics and additional testing by Carl White

All in-app audio uses samples by Bluemorfo (Bluemorfo’s Salon Grand).

App Store Reviews (Quotes)

Serious fun that yields stunning results. (littlewoodg – US app store – 5 stars)

Minimalist composition at its finest! (zounds23 – US app store – 5 stars)

Unfortunately coded by an autist. (Nico W(alker) – French app store – 4 stars)

Please view and read the developers tutorials as it takes a little time to figure out how it all functions, but once you do it all works consistently. (polarpaul – US app store – 5 stars)

Quick Start

Watch the video below to jump  in and start making music right away.


uPhase+ is an instrument geared towards live play. It has many features and shortcuts to enable complex improvisation with spatialized patterns.

Browse the documentation or head straight to the Video Tutorials to learn how to play, or take a look at the demos below to get a feel of what is possible.


Wish to share ideas, ask questions, request a feature? Please comment on the appropriate feedback post.

uPhase+ || Solo Mode Demo

The solo mode is the app’s lab, where you can research and save patterns and filter presets.

uPhase is as much about exploring piano samples as it is about phasing : all audio is generated by modifying high quality piano samples.

uPhase+ || 4 Networked Devices Demo

The real magic of uPhase starts here. Network devices, place them anywhere in a room (or two!), let the audience interact with your performance.

uPhase Client is free, so there’s no excuse not to finally put your friends’ and family’s iDevices to good use.

iPad 3, 2 iPad 1s, iPhone 4.

Video to be rerecorded very soon with better audio…

uPhase+ || 5 Moods Demo

The first of the 5 patterns is built step by step in the From Scratch Tututorial.

uPhase+ || “Piano Phase” Demo

Demo of an interactive version of Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” using uPhase+ and uPhase Client on 4 iPads.
The phase is quicker than in the original.
Proof of concept : this is an undocumented feature of uPhase+. Will expand if there is demand…


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