v1.1.0 – What’s new?

This new version brings much requested recording and AudioCopy features to uPhase+. And a bunch of other stuff I hope uPhase+ players will appreciate!

What’s new?

  • Record and AudioCopy a stereo mix  (botht to Sonoma and Intua Pasteboards, Solo Mode only)
  • 4 displays in Solo Mode (instead of 3)
  • Pan slider for each display in Solo Mode
  • A new gesture to enable “Alt Keyboard Actions Always On” input (hold 2 fingers on empty background and tap with a third to toggle between input modes, purple and grey background flashes confirm)
  • Patterns can now be applied to or memorized from any display’s cache window
  • Adding/Removing notes requires a wider gesture, diminishing the risk of accidentally adding or removing a note instead of muting it
  • Confirmation blinks for Play All and Stop All Alt Actions (background blinks green and red, respectively)
  • Minor bug corrections and improvements

v1.1.0 remains fully compatible with uPhase Client v1.0.1.

Short demo of uPhase+ v1.1.0’s recording and AudioCopy capabilities. Made in 5 minutes with one of the app’s demo patterns. Reverb and delay added in StudioTrack, final edit in Twisted Wave, uploaded to SoundCloud with AudioShare.

All audio in this track is the result of live transformation of piano samples. Headphones recommended.

Recording and AudioCopy – Important Notes

  1. To keep uPhase+ as streamlined as possible, recordings are only temporarily saved. Recordings should be AudioCopied and pasted to compatible apps. A list of Sonoma AudioCopy compatible apps can be found here. I recommend AudioShare for file management and sharing.
  2. The Sonoma pasteboard supports up to 12 simultaneous items, so there is no need to AudioPaste immediately.
  3. uPhase+ records a stereo 16 bit 24khz wav file without reverb. I find Sonoma Wire Works’ Studio Track‘s  or FourTrack‘s reverb particularly good.
  4. When pressing the AudioCopy button, the file first gets converted to 44.1khz before being copied to the pasteboard. This might take some time for long recordings.
  5. iPad 1 users will get a warning when recording, as it will strain the device and might result in audio clicks. Recording quality should remain unaffected.


Tap the rec button (top-left) to start recording. It will blink. Tap it again to stop : the AudioCopy menu will pop-up :


By default, AudioCopy is set to the Sonoma Wireworks pasteboard. You may also copy to the general pasteboard (also called Intua pasteboard) instead.

Tapping discard will permanently delete the recording.


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