uPhase v1.1.0 has been submitted and will be available soon.  Adds recording, AudioCopy and an extra display in Solo Mode. Details here.

uPhase+ is not a commercial endeavour. Proceeds from the sales will first serve to upgrade it following user feedback.

The planned features below will be released in successive updates. Please be patient, as I’m all alone on this project!

Pricing might increase with features, so early adopters will have the better deal (updates will be of course free).

Please note that I need to keep in mind usability. I will have to balance features so that the app doesn’t become over-crowded with menus and options.

1. More patterns, more displays in Solo Mode || Done in v1.1.0

More patterns in example sessions for you to play around with and give you ideas.

An optional fourth display in Solo Mode (iPad2+).

Status : Done.

2. Steve Reich style phasing

Allow minute differences in tempo to achieve phasing effects similar to that of Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase”.

Status : Works in prototype version. Will polish and include in an update if there is enough demand. It is something the app can do, but which was not integrated in the initial release to keep the app focused.

Done but hidden in v1.1.0

3. Recording || Done in v1.1.0

Recording in uPhase+ is a bit more complex than in linear apps. Here are the possibilities :

a)Real time bouncing of a  stereo mix (wav) in solo mode (what you hear is what you get), iPad2+ only.

b)Record individual patterns to seperate files, to be looped later by other programs/apps

c)Real time bouncing by individual devices (Networked Mode) – I still need to investigate how iPhones and iPods would react.

Status : Done.


4. Audio Copy || Done in v1.1.0

Copy audio from uPhase+ and paste it in another AudioCopy compatible app (there are many). Of course, this cannot come before recording.

Status : Done.


5. Effects

Distortion, reverb, chorus etc…

Status : Planned.

Probability : Very likely. Also requires upgrading my dev licenses…


a) MIDI In : Set a display’s pitches by playing them on a MIDI keyboard (via cable).

b) MIDI Out : Control a MIDI synth with uPhase+ (via cable).

c) Generate a MIDI file.

Status : researching.

Probability : likely if demand is high enough. Most time consuming of all planned features to implement.


13 thoughts on “Future

  1. It’s already an incredible app and it’s very unique. I think every one of the features mentioned above will make this app even more exceptional and I look forward to them all. Recording and audio copy are definitely at the top of my feature requests, but more patterns and displays will help to get more out of the app 🙂

  2. It would be very nice to be able to load our own samples into the app.

    Being able to send midi out via virtual midi to apps would be great, especially for the uphase client running on other devices so you can run other midi apps in the background to have an iOS symphony going with the option to mute the uphase client sound.

    Being able to put the uphase+ device into mode like the client where you can see just the waves and play them. Perhaps it can already do this?

  3. Hi to all, and thanks for the feedback!
    I’m currently implementing recording and audiocopy. Will start seriously investigating MIDI very soon.
    Do let me know if you make something with uPhase you’d like me to post!

  4. Am watching this app very closely! Congratulations both on the application itself _and_ on the tutorial support which helps shorten the learning curve. While I look forward to recording and audio copy, my direction in the first instance is with connecting iPad via stereo cable to my DAC and recording in my desktop DAW — in this case Cubase.

    My main interest longer term is in the MIDI potential of uPhase realizing that it is a major undertaking. It would be excellent if the eventual MIDI capability allowed each of the devices to output on its own channel. Thus I could pick up each of the MIDI streams on a separate MIDI track and have more flexibility as to where each channel was directed, e.g., which VST Instrument received which pattern.

    Good luck and thanks for your wonderful work.

  5. Perhaps it might be even easier to add audiobus support? You could expand your sound potential exponentially by being able to have all of the clients output filtered through other apps and recorded to a DAW via audiobus. The audio copy works great and glad you did both Sonoma and general pasteboard. It would be very nice to record and copy the output nodes too so you can paste them into tracks plus I can manipulate the waves in the client app to get modulation effects I don’t get from the base app.

    • Hi Paul, I’m sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but unfortunately AudioBus cannot be integrated to uPhase+. The development engine I use does not allow audio to play in the background, grrr… Maybe one day, if I re-write uPhase from the ground up and change my dev tools.

      The last part of your comment i’m not sure I understand (the part about nodes), can you clarify?
      Glad you’re enjoying the update!

  6. MIDI!
    Please… It would make such a great tool if one could control external synths, just routing the displays to different midi channels would be SO nice. A MUST for such a creative app.

  7. Yes, some kind of midi implementation would be great. It is very fun to use the app…but being able to export those sequences is very important too. Personally, I would love to compose/create the midi file in the app, then export the file elsewhere. Thanks!

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