Can I play uPhase+ if I don’t know how to read music?
Providing you know you’re way around a keyboard, yes. The pattern you can hear in the demo video was made by a friend who has no formal musical training.

Is uPhase+ a sequencer of some sorts?
No. It could be described as an evolved arpeggio designer, geared towards live play. With a real-time sample editor,  and networking capabilities for spatialization of patterns.

I’d like to test uPhase+’s network mode, does that mean every device has to run uPhase+?
Not necessarily. uPhase Client is free to download, but only allows connecting to an iPad running uPhase+. uPhaseClient is a universal app: any kind of iDevice with wifi capabilities can become part of a performance.

In Network Mode, audio accross devices is not always in perfect synchronization. What can I do?

Achieving millisecond accurate audio sync over a network is very challenging. When connecting a device to uPhase+, first play a pattern on both the server and the newly connected device to check how good the sync is. If it is not satisfactory, a re-sync button can be found in the Info Panel. It is highly unlikely you’ll have to resync more than twice. In most cases once is enough. When a device has been well synched, it will maintain sync as long as the app is running (tested for over an hour).


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