Tutorial 00 : Basics

This first tutorial in the series explains basic handling of patterns through the Note Display interface.



  • Tap to select (selecting a note also selects it’s display)
  • Drag and release right to insert the same note at the same position in the pattern
  • Drag and release left to remove the note from the pattern
  • Drag and release down to mute/unmute the note


  • Tap to select (if a note in the display is selected, it will be unselected)
  • Tap the wave(top left) to play/stop the pattern
  • Drag and release to another display to copy/paste pattern (from an empty space in a display to another)
  • Tap the arrow at the bottom right to show/hide meter handles (meter is adjusted upon retracting the handles – meter scale blinks)
  • Tap the cache button (bottom left) to show/hide cache window
  • Double tap the cache button to apply cache to current pattern / copy current pattern to cache (you should get a confirmation blink)


  • Copy/Paste includes mutes, but not meter
  • When you tap the wave, you are telling uPhase to start that pattern on the next possible beat (uPhase runs a silent metronome in the background to ensure synchronization between patterns). The consequence is that playback is not immediate.
  • This also applies to time-related changes, such as changes in the number of notes of a pattern, or of it’s meter. During that delay time, the notes will cease to pulse and you will not be able to add/remove notes. If you need to add or remove more than one note at once, copy your pattern to cache, make changes in the cache window and apply.

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