Tutorial 07 : Spatial Groups

Key Concepts

  • Grouping displays results in a “soft lock” of their common pitches.
  • A group has a maximum of 8 different pitches. You should only group displays that share enough pitches to fit.
  • The source display’s cache window summarizes all the pitches in the group in Group Notes of ascending order.
  • Use the select note and tap/alt tap key method on Group Notesto move them as a group. Dragging and dropping from one key to the other will function as usual.
  • Muting or changing the Sample Preset of a Group Notewill affect all notes of the same pitch in the group.
  • Grouping displays locks certain features (meter, play/stop, line handle…) of the displays in the group.
  • Tap the sphere when a group is active to access group options.

Not mentioned in the video tutorial is the Lock/Unlock Mutes feature in group options. If mutes are locked, muting and unmuting a Group Note will toggle all mutes of that pitch from all muted to mutes distribution when lock mutes was activated.

Example – Consider a group of 3 patterns, notes in parenthesis are muted :

Pattern 1 : AB(c)

Pattern 2 : CBA(c)D

Pattern 3 : ABCD

Group Notes (displayed in the Source Display’s cache window) : ABCD (all pitches in the group, in ascending order)

If mutes are locked, muting  Group Note C will mute every C, unmuting will unmute all Cs but the ones which were muted when activating Lock Mutes.


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