Tutorial 11 : Networked Mode

Key Concepts

  • Press Start Server on a device running uPhase+
  • Other devices, running uPhase Client or uPhase+, should automatically detect the server via Bonjour.
  • Press Connect To on a client device and select the server from the list to connect.
  • Always check synchronization by playing both the newly connected device and the server’s pattern together.
  • If sync is not satisfactory, select the display representing the device you wish to resync, tap i to access the info panel, and tap resync to resync device. A quick alternating pattern will play. Tap done if sync is satisfactory, or adjust sync using the contextual slider. You may also tap done and try resync again if you do not wish to manually sync.
  • In networked mode, tapping playing client devices triggers the original sustain piano sample at the pitch and position in time of the next note in the device’s pattern. Alt tap to trigger reverse playback of the sustain sample.

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